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Red Sun Rising

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Red sun rising. This t shirt was inspired by Japan, and our love of it. Red habotai silk appliqué on a silky soft tencel t shirt. The silk appliqué has been burnt and distressed, as well as the t shirt.

 Part of our World Series Collection.


Product Details

100% Tencel from Eucalyptus

Applique 100% silk


Frequently asked questions 

Are your t shirts ethically made? 
We source our t shirts from a manufacturer that doesn't use child or forced labour. Uses safe working conditions. Payment of a living wage, and doesn't use excessive hours.
Are your t shirts from a sustainable source?
We use bamboo, Tencel/Lyocel and certified organic cotton. 
Bamboo is fast growing, does not require a lot of water, and pesticides are not needed.
Lyocell is from the eucalyptus Tree.  It is fast growing, and requires little water. It is also biodegradable.


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