About Us


In the Summer of 2013 my son Isaac was born. He inspired me to start a new business. So in the winter of 2013/14 Isaak Ayo the bag and clothing label was born.

Inspired by travel, music, art, movies, books and Life. Basically most of the things he/we come in contact with.

Our main collection is our "World Series Collection" inspired by travel, and our love of it.

All our products are ethically made, and we try and source and use organic fabrics. (In the case of recycled and upcycled fabrics this is not always possible), but we try.

We print and customise t shirts from bamboo, eucalyptus, and organic cotton. As well as tee shirts which are made from 100%recycled fibers.

Our bags are made from Upcycled silk (from Japanese Kimono) wool felt, hemp, cork, bamboo, organic cotton, linen.

All are ethically handmade in London.

Isaak Ayo.